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AC - Air Conditioning Tune Up Houston

Just like any automobile, your AC also needs regular Air Conditioning Tune Up services to keep it run smoothly, effectively and efficiently. An air conditioning unit works relentlessly to make you comfortable throughout summer. These units are exposed to dust and dirt and are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. An air conditioning unit requires fluids and lubricants to keep it running smooth. A recent statistics has showed that 55% of the AC owners do not opt for regular tune up services, which otherwise would have made their system work efficiently and reduce energy bills. This is where you have to contact us for regular tune up services.

Why does your AC unit need tune up services?

  • Small problems can easily be identified and rectified.
  • Ensures that the unit is functioning at optimal efficiency.
  • Lowers energy bills.
  • Helps you save money in the long run.

When you should go in for a tune up service?

Get the system tune up just before summer. During the winters, the system would have worked and would have become rusty and kinked up. We offer the following 13 point Air Conditioning Tune Up services:

  • Calibrate and set thermostats at comfortable level.
  • Clean and set filters.
  • Check the volts/ amps of fan motors.
  • Lubricate bearings.
  • Clean ducts and keep it from algae.
  • Check condensers coil.
  • Check refrigerant.
  • Check safety devices.
  • Check wiring and installation.
  • Check capacitors and fan blades.
  • Clean ducts and wills and remove dust and debris.
  • Check supply/ return air.
  • Check compressors.

A regular Air Conditioning Tune Up Services Houston will help you identify and solve many problems that may become problems of high magnitude later on. If you are interested in tune up services that will ensure comfort, energy savings and dollar savings, call us @ 713-364-8960


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