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Attic insulation and its importance

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Attic insulation plays a major role in maintaining home comfort. If the attic is not properly insulated, the heat of the attic will slowly leech into your home in summer thus causing a rise in the room temperature and decrease in the air conditioning efficiency. In winter the cold air of the attic will enter your house thus making your rooms colder and uncomfortable. In this blog I want to discuss why attic insulation is important and the different insulation services that you can make use of.

If the attic insulation is not good, or if the existing insulation has worn out or become thin, then it will result in

  • Reduced efficiency of the AC or heater.

  • Reduced home comfort.

  • High energy bills.

Once you have decided on getting the attic insulation done then find out what are the various kinds of insulation available. There are many kinds of insulation available.

  • Rolls and blow in insulation

  • Radiant barriers.

Each of the above mentioned insulation has its own advantages. Find out your requirements and choose the right option.

After this comes the job of choosing the right contractor to finish the job. A good insulation service provider should be

  • NATE certified.

  • Prompt in responding to your call.

  • Ethical in all services.

  • Cost effective.

  • Able to do a neat and efficient job.

Attic insulation is extremely necessary to keep the home comfortable and to bring down energy bills. Choose a good attic insulation service provider and have a comfortable living.


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