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Be careful of highly discounted AC Maintenance Coupons.

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In this blog I want to discuss the problems of getting super discounted coupons or pre paid coupons for AC tune ups. Recently I got a prepaid highly discounted coupon from a service provider and thought I would make use of it by getting my AC maintained during this season when I may not need the system.

I scheduled an appointment, and was pleasantly surprised to find the technician arrive right on time. The techie appeared to be in his mid thirties, was professionally dressed and was very courteous. When I got this super discounted coupon, I thought they would send just someone to do a slip shod job. I quickly asked him for his NATE certification and he politely replied that he is NATE certified but refused to show his certificate. Anyway I just called him in and showed him the AC unit. For quite some time he was pondering over the parts of the AC unit. May be wondering what to do next? The AC unit was already clean. I just thought that I should not discomfort him with my presence. So I left him to do his work.

After 45 minutes he brought some instrument to check the cooling of the machine and coolly informed that the refrigerant was not working. I was shocked because the previous day. I had checked the unit and found the cooling to be really good. He further explained that it would be better if I replaced the AC, as it would give problems later on if just AC tune-up services are done.

He further explained the prices of new AC system, the special discounts that they offer and also gave a ‘valuable’ suggestion of installing a bigger size AC for better comfort. I was shocked beyond words. I assured him that I will definitely look into this matter and thanked him for all his wonderful services and waved him goodbye.

The most important point to notice is that my AC system was up to mark and all I wanted was just some tune- up services. What I got in return was something I had not expected. So beware of high discounted coupons that are cheap, the services also will be of average level. Don’t get cheated. Instead of saving money, you may land up spending more.


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