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Furnace Replacement-How to find out whether your furnace needs it?

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With the winters fast approaching, your first step for a comfortable winter is to check whether your heating system is in working condition or does it need maintenance or heating replacement. In this blog let us find out how we can find out whether you need heating maintenance or heating replacement.

  • Weird sounds: Does the heating system produce weird moaning, whining and banging sounds. This means that system needs replacement of a loose belt, may be an ignition problem or a component replacement.

  • Thermostat not working: Rooms are cold and heating system is not effective.   This may be due to faulty thermostat.

  • High energy bills: Lower heating efficiency but higher electricity bills mean that your heating system needs a thorough check.

  • Pilot light yellow: This indicates that the gas combination is not good. Yellow light indicates the presence of gas like carbon monoxide that is dangerous.

  • Having health problems: This means the indoor air quality is not good. Breathing problems like allergy, asthma and other illness may be the result of low efficiency system that allows dust, mold and other irritants circulate in your home.

  • Ice found on your roof: This indicates that the furnace is not able to heat your entire home including the attic. Heated air escapes through un insulated attic, thus causing ice accumulation on your roof system and it means the heating system needs replacement.

  • Has the system become old?: If your furnace is more than 15 years old, go in for a furnace replacement.

The above mentioned are small tips that will help you decide whether you need heating repair or heating replacement. Take the right decision and enjoy a comfortable winter.


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