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How to get maximum efficiency from your new AC installation using Manual S

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Buying a new AC for your home? It is indeed a huge investment that you are making. Care should be taken that you choose the right system for your home that will ensure maximum cooling but minimum energy bills. Before you go in for a new AC installation, you have to calculate the size of the rooms , do a heat gain and loss calculation, see the duct design of the equipment and other features to get maximum benefit from the cooling equipment. This is where tools like Manual S come handy.

What is Manual S?

Any AC installation should follow the strict procedures of Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) using tools like Manual J (for load calculations), Manual D (for duct designs) and Manual S (for equipment sizing and choosing).

Manual S is a tool that helps you to choose the size and capacity of your AC that will be required to cool your home efficiently. Any AC that is too small for your room produces hot and cold spots in your room, and any AC that is too big switches on and off frequently.

The cooling efficiency of your room depends on five variables like:

  • Regional temperatures

  • Indoor temperatures

  • Indoor humidity

  • Coil size of the system

  • Airflow across the coil.

Depending on the above mentioned variables, the service provider chooses an apt system for you.

He does the following procedures:

  • Performs ESPI to find out air leakage, bad ducts, bad insulation and other problems.

  • Finds out and seals cracked ducts, holes etc.

  • Insulate the house to prevent loss of conditioned air.

  • Calculates home cooling load using effective Manual J tool.

  • Uses the other effective tool Manual D to evaluate and rectify ducts.

  • Using Manual S chooses the right sized system for your home.

Manual S Plays a crucial role in helping you select the right AC system for you. Use the tool and enjoy all the benefits from AC installation.


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