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Planning to buy a New Furnace? What features should we look for?

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With the winters almost here, it is time to switch on the furnace. If you feel that your furnace is not efficient, then it is time to buy a new furnace. What features of furnace make it energy efficient and offer improved home comfort.

The Features Are:

Size:  The market is flooded with furnaces of all sizes. Choose the one that fits your home. You have to remember the fact if the furnace is too small it will not offer enough comfort and if a furnace is big, it will get on and off more frequently resulting in wear and tear of the system . You can ask your service provider to calculate the needs of your home using manual J HVAC Residential load Calculation tool. This calculation will help you determine the size of the HVAC system.

Energy Efficient: Choose a furnace that is energy efficient. Check on the AFUE of the furnace i.e. annual fuel utilization efficiency. The new furnace with improved technology has AFUE of 78% to 97%. Choose a model that has greater AFUE Percentage.

Check on the  after sale maintenance: Find out if the service provider will be readily available for small repairs like clogged filter, faulty thermostat, loose wires or batteries, blown fuse etc. Check if the service providers are able to give you an AMC at a reasonable cost.

Choose a Furnace depending upon the energy Source of your home: There are many types of furnaces available i.e. Gas furnace, Oil furnace and Electric furnace. The gas furnaces are fueled by natural gas and are very commonly used in all the US homes. Oil furnaces are commonly found in older homes. HVAC system is the third one where the system works as both furnaces and air conditioning units. This is again commonly found in all the parts of the US.

Analyze various features and choose the furnace that suits your needs: Furnaces come with various features like Variable speed blowers, Variable heat output, and different range of air filtration, dual heat exchanger, Zoned Heating and warranty.

  Choose the furnace after in depth analysis and benefit from choosing a good one.


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