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Solar Attic Fans Houston

Solar Attic Fans Houston

As the name suggests this fan works on solar energy hence very cost effective. This fan is used to increase insulation efficiency of your home. It expels the hot air from the attic and pulls in fresh air from outside thus enabling circulation of fresh air.

The advantages of solar attic fan:

  • Very cost effective.

  • Enables circulation of air thus fosters good health.

  • Load on the HVAC system decreases thus give a longer span of life to the unit.

  • Energy bills come down by 30%.

  • Hot air does not enter the house in summer. So your home remains cool.

  • Traps hot air in winter. So your home remains warm in winter.

At Ac repair local, we have a team of technicians who are NATE certified and are ready to work 24/7 to satisfy you. If you are interested in installing a solar attic fan call us at: 713-364-8960


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