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The Top 6 Benefits of Home Energy Audits

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You would have a spent a lot of money in buying a house and fitting in with a HVAC system. Did you spend a few dollars to find out if it is energy efficient? Did you ask any service provider to do an energy audit for your home? In this blog let us discuss what an energy audit is and what the benefits of having an energy audit done are.

What is an energy audit?

The energy audit is an inspection, finding and analysis of how energy is wasted and how it can be conserved by implementing some energy serving techniques.

The benefits are:

1. Provides comfortable home throughout the year: Energy audits find out the areas through which conditioned air escapes and seals them perfectly to ensure that conditioned air does not leak.

2. Brings down energy bills: A perfectly insulated and energy efficient house brings down energy bills by a whopping 30%

3. Increases Home resale value: For every $1 decrease in annual bills, the resale value of your home is increases by $20. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Solves many other problems: A thorough energy audit helps you identify many other problems like improper insulation,improper duct sealing, duct cleaning, weatherization, furnace repairs etc. The initial problem that you face may be a tip of an iceberg. Energy audits help you identify all other problems and fix them up.

5. Offers the best ROI:  Investing money in an energy audit is never a waste. It gives very good ROI by making you home comfortable and energy efficient.

6. Helps you Protect environment: Protecting environment is no longer a social obligation, it is compulsion. Make your home energy efficient, lower your energy bills and protect the environment

Your home is the best place in this earth. Make it comfortable and energy efficient. Avail the a benefits of home energy audit and enjoying a peaceful living.


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