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Ventilation Houston

Ventilation Houston

Breathing in fresh air is very important for human beings In the same way; a house also should breath in fresh air to maintain the indoor air quality at a high level. Are you aware of the fact that we spend 50% of the day indoor? So care should be taken that the indoor air quality is maintained well. Vents play a major role in circulating fresh air.

Attic ventilation has its own advantages in summer and winter. In winter it prevents ice damming. So the roof does not get damaged and lasts for a long time. In summer it allows the natural flow of fresh air. It keeps the attic at a congenial temperature by pushing the hot air out. It removes moisture from the attic and roof.

We offer 3 kinds of Vents:

  • Rafter Vents: These vents cover the enter surface of the attic floor and seal it completely.

  • Soffit Vents: They are placed at the surface between the top of the wall and side of the ceiling. They enable free flow of fresh air.

  • Ridge Vent: They are placed at the peak of the house. These vents play a major role in cross ventilation.

The vents play a major role in keeping the house comfortable in summer and winter. It increases energy efficiency of homes and brings down energy bills. If you want ventilation services, please call us at: 713-364-8960.


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